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Having a partner capable of anticipating needs and responding to all the needs of the market allows implementing the innovations of Industry 4.0 and obtaining concrete advantages in textile production.

Save your time planning your business development. Discover all the technologies for Industry 4.0 and the advice to transform your company, making it agile, flexible and ready for the challenges of the market.

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  • Industry 4.0;
  • optimize processes;
  • monitor activities remotely;
  • improve the quality;
  • make production more flexible.

"In our company Cardinalini we wanted to keep production in Italy and the company in the family, because we believe in the added value given to each phase of the project by the human component. Audaces' innovative approach, which puts customer needs at the center of development, is revolutionizing the textile industry market."

Marco Cardinalini, Product Manager at Cardinalini & C. Spa

"Finding a meeting point between design, handemadel tradition and industry 4.0 allows us to continue on the path of quality that has always distinguished “Made in Italy”. Thanks to “Neocut Bravo” we have reached the top in the quality of automatic cutting, with maximum precision and the possibility of optimizing the use of materials, operating costs and added value to help our customers save money. I am more than satisfied, I would say hyper-satisfied, with the collaboration with Audaces!"

Mauro Costantini, owner of CMC Home & Design

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